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Information Compiled and Article Written By Larry Handy
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The Arrow beer series of nude pin-up art posters was produced by the Globe Brewing Company of Baltimore, Maryland. Little is actually known or documented about this series, although this article is an attempt to begin the process. Based upon a general
knowledge of breweriana, the history of pin-up advertising, Baltimore collector Dave Donovan and this author agree that the Arrow "nudes" were used by Glove during the 1940's. Dave feels that some could have been issued as early as the late 1930's. Based upon information gathered from the book The Great American Pin-Up by Charles Martignette and Louis Meisel, this is possible, based upon the contractual agreement between artist Earl Morgan and Brown and Bigelow, the manufacturer of the prints.
"REMEMBRANCE" advertising sample
A-3 Bare Facts

Matchless Body
A-1 Matchless Body
A-4 The One and Only
There are nine original Arrow nudes identified here, and one 1974 reproduction of “Matchless Body”. It is not known if others exist, as these are the only ones that have been tracked down for this article. If any collector reading this is aware of others, please contact the author through ECBA so we might expand the knowledge of this rare series. Collector Donovan, who owns several of the prints shown here feels that there could be as many as ten.
A-5 Work of Art
A-7 Mellow Moonlight
A-6 Perfection
A-8 Superb
A-9 A Naked Truth


Hearty thanks are in order to the following folks for sharing their information, their artwork, and in producing photos to share in this publication:

Veronica & Dave Donovan,
Art Distelrath,
Sue & Bill Norris
and Larry Handy
A-10 Spotlighted
Brown and Bigelow, headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota is the worlds largest producer of advertising calendars and other similar promotional products. Originally founded in 1896, during the middle part of the twentieth century they employed a large number of professional artists to produce the pin-ups and other art used for their calendars and other products. Their trademark for these products is “Remembrance Advertising”. Shown is a sample print bearing this name, which would have been shown to prospective clients such as Globe Brewing. While this design is not known to exist as an Arrow Beer print, it bears strong resemblance to many of the known Arrow “nudes”. The pinnacle of pin-up advertising ran through the 1940’s, 1950’s, and into the 1960’s until the fallout from the “sexual revolution” made such advertising seem exploitative or even quaint. The Globe brewery lasted until 1963.
In the “politically correct” environment of today some individuals and groups would like to pretend that a considerable part of the history of beer advertising was not based upon direct appeals to the prurient interests of men, traditionally the major consumers of beer in our society. Some of the earliest commercially produced advertising in this country featured attractive and partially clothed women on trays, lithographed prints and calendars. After prohibition ended in 1933, this type of advertising continued and increased as the market became more competitive. What makes these Arrow Beer framed prints so unusual is the complete nudity shown. While many companies used pretty women to sell a product, this sort of nudity in an advertisement, while artistic, was very rare. For the 1940’s these advertisements must have bordered on scandalous.
The original Arrow Beer “nudes” came framed in a plain rough sawn, unfinished frame, without glass. Several of the prints shown here are in the original frame. The dimensions of the prints are 22” wide x 36” high, printed on a smooth pressed paperboard. In 1974 the most well known Arrow “nude” –“ Matchless Body” was reprinted on poster paper in a smaller size 16”wide x 26” high. This reproduction looks similar to the original, however, the wording is printed in white on the reprint, while the originals known are all printed in silver. Each Arrow “nude” is given a name which refers to both the model, as well as the beer in a clever play on words, hence both may be described as having “matchless body” or as being the “one and only”. Four of the known prints are by the previously mentioned Earl Moran, while the other three were painted by Zoe Mozert, both artists contracted to Brown & Bigelow. Few of these prints have been identified in collections.
The following list identifies the print name, other wording , artist, and the number that have been found to date.

A-1 Matchless Body – ARROW BEER - Earl Moran – (1)
A-2 Matchless Body - ARROW BEER - (1974 reprint) – (n/a)
A-3 Bare Facts – ARROW BEER IS BETTER – It Costs More to Brew - Earl Moran - (2)
(this is the only print that bears the Globe Brewing Co. – Baltimore identification)
A-4 The One and Only – ARROW BEER – One Quality, One Standard, One Beer – Earl Moran – (1)
A-5 Work of Art – ARROW BEER – Money Can’t Buy Finer – Earl Moran – (2)
A-6 Perfection – ARROW BEER – It Hits The Spot – Zoe Mozert – (3)
A-7 Mellow Moonlight – ARROW BEER – It Hits The Spot – Zoe Mozert – (2)
A-8 Superb – ARROW BEER – It Hits The Spot – Earl Moran – (1)
A-9 Naked Truth – ARROW BEER – Is Better – Earl Moran – (1)
A-10 Spotlighted – ARROW BEER – It Hits the Spot – Earl Moran – (1)


Background on the artists:

Earl Moran (1893 – 1984)

Earl Moran is regarded as one of the “big three” most important pin-up artists along with Alberto Vargas and George Petty. Originally from Iowa, Moran studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Art Students League in New York. He opened an art and photography studio in Chicago and after submitting paintings to Brown & Bigelow (B & B), the pin-up advertising agency, was signed to an exclusive contract in 1932. His paintings sold millions of calendars for B & B becoming their best selling artist. In 1940, after LIFE magazine ran a feature story about his work, he attained celebrity status. Besides his calendar art, Moran provided nude art for various early men’s magazines. Relocating to California in 1946, he hired a young Norma Jean Dougherty as a model, who posed for him for four years. Norma Jean, of course, later became famous as Marilyn Monroe. Earl Moran enjoyed the life of celebrity in the “golden state” and Las Vegas, painting for B & B until 1957. He continued to paint for collectors until 1982.

Zoe Mozert (1907 – 1993)

The most famous and successful of the three female pin-up artists, she trained at Philadelphia School of Industrial Art and modeled at the nearby Women’s School of Design. After a move to New York she became successful designing covers for movie and romance magazines. One of her most famous works was the movie poster for the Howard Hughes movie “The Outlaw” staring Jane Russell. Brown & Bigelow, the prominent producer of pin-up art and calendars signed Zoe to an exclusive contract in 1941. She often posed for her own paintings by using cameras and mirrors to capture the pose, then she would paint the pin-up from the photo.
Addendum to Arrow Article:
Estimating production date of Arrow Beer “nudes”:
As a result of the information we have posted here regarding the Arrow Beer “nude” series of posters from the Globe Brewery of Baltimore, Maryland, we were contacted by a thirty-year collector of pin-up art calendars who has a theory of dating the prints in this series. Each of the Arrow Beer “girls” was also used on advertising calendars produced by Brown & Bigelow. His theory is that if the calendars were issued first, then the Arrow nudes likely followed within the span of one year. I would further clarify that by assuming that as each years calendar was offered to various advertisers, the same art was also offered to Globe brewery
To further detail the story of these rare pin-up advertising posters, most of the paintings have an original name, which was changed by Globe for better advertising effect. Here is a list with our identifying number, the Arrow Beer name, the corresponding calendar date and the original name of the painting.
ID #
Arrow Name
Calendar Date
Original Name
Proposed Order
Matchless Body
“Tomorrow’s Star”
1937 Bare Facts
Bare Facts
“The Artists Model”
The One and Only
1939 Matchless Body
Work of Art
“A Modern Eve”
1941 Naked Truth
Mellow Moonlight
“Reaching for the Stars”
1942 The One and Only
(no name)
1943 Work of Art
Naked Truth
“Eve ‘n Tide”
1944 Mellow Moonlight
(no name)
1945 Superb
1946 – Spotlighted
1947 - Perfection
If it is assumed that Globe put out a new sign every year (sure looks like that’s what they were doing) then this list begs the question – where are the 1938 and 1940 Arrow “nudes”? The 1938 Brown & Bigelow image is the one pictured with the original Arrow article as the example of their “Remembrance Advertising”. The 1940 B & B calendar image is described as a very much “Jean Harlow” looking nude. It seems possible that either / both could exist as Arrow Beer signs.
Through the Arrow Nudes page of the ECBA website;, we have recently been contacted by a young man who discovered what appeared to be another different Arrow Beer nude. Although cut down, with the advertising at the bottom portion removed, the very top of several silver colored letters remains at the bottom edge. The print is on the same type of pressed paperboard that was used for the other Arrow Beer "nudes".